coleman portable hot tub

The Coleman Company has been producing recreational products for a long time. Now, they have the Coleman portable hot tub which comes in the name of Coleman Lay-Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub. Hot tubs are a good way of rejuvenating and resting after long hours of work. They are also good when relaxing at home. The bubbles and the heat in the water have a good soothing effect.

The Relaxation Features 

The Coleman portable hot tub has three main features that are meant to enhance the relaxation feeling. They include;

The Rapid Heating System – this helps in controlling and setting up water heating quickly. It operates at a rate of 2-3F per hour. This means that it can take about 24 hours to heat the water to 104F depending on the temperatures of the water. Hot water can be added to reduce the time though this can raise the energy cost.

The Lay-Z Massage System – this is the core of the hydro massage feeling that runs with the power of 120 bubble jets. The massage system is activated with a button on the Digital Control Panel that has three bubble sprays.

Integrated Water Filtration System – it operates through different filters that help in keeping the water clean and healthy. It starts automatically when the tab is activated. The filtration cartridges should be replaced after some days. They should be cleaned daily and water testing should be done on a weekly basis.

Dimensions of the Coleman portable hot tub

The inside and the outside heights of the tab are 24 and 28 inches respectively. Its inflated size measures 77 by 28 inches which is a size that can hold a maximum of 6 people. Its water capacity is 254 gallons. Its unfilled weight is 89 pounds a reason as to why it is easy to handle. The power code of the hot tub is 12.5 feet.

The heat capacity of the hot tub is 40C or 104F. It operates well at a household current of 120V and the heating system operates at a range of 2-3F per hour.

The Digital Control Panel

All the features of the Coleman portable hot tub are controlled with the help of this panel which is a device that is egg-shaped and green in color. It contains different buttons that control different features. The panel can be locked for safety by preventing operations by children.

Installation and Maintenance

The packaging of the tub comes with a DVD which contains videos on setting up and maintaining the entire tub. Setting up after keenly following the instructions can take around 45 minutes or so. Installations can be done indoors or outdoors where a power source for inflation tests is available.

Among the inclusions of the packaging are; 4 filter cartridges, chemical floater, inflation hose, ground cloth, heating system, filtration system, repair patch, and maintenance and setup DVD.

Water filling is done using a normal garden hose pipe. It takes about 15 minutes to fill the tub. The water should be filled to a level between the MAX and MIN marks. The tub has a drainage valve where the garden hose can be connected.

Construction materials

The outer hard parts of the spa are made from I-beam which is durable and resistant to punctures. People can seat or lean on the sides of the Coleman portable hot tub without it crushing or winding. The inner soft part is made from TriTech which is a three layered and reinforced polyester. The layers make it inflatable.

Price and Warranty 

Coleman portable hot tub comes at a price that is below $400 dollars which is economic taking into consideration its features. Its spa pump has a one year warranty and the liner has a 6 months warranty. Repair materials can also be acquired at a fair price.

This hot tub is of great value. It has a good rejuvenating and relaxing experience. It is cheap, durable and it is easy to use.

Should You Buy the Coleman Portable Hot Tub?