Fog on the windshield, what to do?

Fog on the windshield, what to do?
avoid fogging on the windshield How to avoid fogging on the windshield of the car?

There is nothing worse than a steamy car when you want to leave quickly. It can even be dangerous if it happens while driving! Fogged car windows are one of the most common moisture problems.

A car acts as a closed compartment and tends to retain a lot of moisture. The moisture that comes in does not come out easily, which causes condensation on the windows. But no worries! Here are some tips and tricks to reduce the humidity of your car to prevent condensation and moisture build up and therefore fogging on the windows .

  1. Why is steam forming on the windshield?
    The interior windows of your car fog up when warm, moist air from the inside comes in contact with the cold windows, causing condensation of moisture.

If it is warmer outside and you operate the air conditioner on your vehicle, the outside windows of the vehicle will be cooler than the ambient air. The moist outside air touches the outside of your windows and the moisture condenses there causing fogging.

  1. Avoid fogging on a windshield with cat litter
    A surprising surprise to the grandmother is to use the absorbent power of cat litter to remove or rather to avoid fogging on the windshield and other windows of the car.

Indeed, thanks to its absorbency, cat litter is effective to eliminate excess moisture in a car. Choose preferably the litter made of silica, and fill a sock of cotton that you will knot and deposit on the dashboard, near the windshield.

You can also put under the seats, where carpets tend to be wet.

  1. Prevent fogging with white vinegar
    To prevent fogging on the inside windshield of the car, apply pure white vinegar with newspaper. Not only will your windows be sparkling clean, you will prevent the formation of steam on them .
  2. Soap to prevent fogging on a windshield
    You can prevent fogging on an interior windshield and applying a thin layer of soap. To do this, you will need:

a bar soap,
a little water
a clean, damp cloth.
Start by moistening the soap, and pass it over the entire surface of the windshield. Then, pass the laundry to eliminate the traces of soap.