5 Effective Ways of Removing Japanese Knotweed

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What is Japanese knotweed?

Japanese knotweeds are basically strong-growing, clump-forming perennials that have tall and dense annual stems. The growth of their stems is renewed on a yearly basis from their stouts as well as their deeply penetrating rhizomes

Japanese knotweeds are basically invasive plants. These noxious weeds are known as Polygonum cuspidatum in botanical terms. Getting rid of Japanese knotweed has never been an easy task; doing this requires some strategies so that these weeds are wiped out completely. Here are 5 tactics that you can employ when carrying out Japanese knotweed removal

1. Smothering with tarps

Using this tactic to eradicate the Japanese knotweed requires you to invest in polytarps; these polytarps are important in assisting you to cover the weed patches and smothering them. Invest a lot of money in purchasing the biggest tarps that you can find- such an investment will save you a colossal amount of money that you would have otherwise used for labor. If the landscape from where the Japanese knotweeds emerge is covered with tarps during early springs, the weed growth will immediately be impeded

2. Using weed killers

Using weed killers requires you to apply foliar spray. However, you can also inject weed killer- inside canes. The best time to spray the leaves is during late summer. Even though the tarp method works as a stop gap measure, its only when you use herbicides that this undertaking becomes effective. Using herbicides in areas that are designed for lawns can be more effective

Anytime you are using weed killers to eradicate Japanese knotweeds, its important to read the instructions that are on the pack so that you can be in a better position to use that product while at the same time minimizing risks to the people as well as the environment

3. Cutting 

Japanese knotweeds can be suppressed by cutting them during summer. Its worthy noting that cutting Japanese knotweed is a tactic that is meant to be used in conjunction with injection of weed killers. This tactic requires a lot of time to complete

4. Digging

You can also do away with the Japanese knotweeds by digging the grounds where their shoots originate inside your yard. In such areas you will most likely discover rhizome clumps from where the shoots and roots of Japanese knotweeds are found. Rhizome clumps are extremely woody and can get to the widths of your foot quite easily

Any time you are using the digging method, it’s important to remove as much root as possible so that you can repeatedly destroy its growth. By doing this, the energy that these knotweeds reserve inside the remaining underground parts will eventually be exhausted; this process might however take several seasons

5. Seeking assistance from professionals

There are certain companies that offer Japanese knotweed removal services. You can always report any risk that is associated with Japanese knotweeds so that you can get the treatment options that such professionals offer


It is not illegal to have Japanese knotweeds in your garden

Knotweed control can be carried out by the homeowner

Its important to know how to identify Japanese knotweeds; you should not confuse them with other plants

If you find these weeds on your property, its important to make an attempt to curb their growth…