Since 1969, Oddy’s Automotive has built supercharged engines that exceed the imagination.

The Oddy’s team has set world records and won numerous awards with countless hours of dedication and hardwork. Expert builders strive to maximize every engine component with innovative part modifications and knowledge so your engine runs at peak performance.

The exceptional tradition and reputation continue as Bill Leverentz and his staff provide superior engines, parts and R&D services.

We offer full in-house Dyno tuning using our state-of-the-art Dynojet . From “baseline dyno runs” to “see how much horsepower you’re making” to “all-out tuning of stand alone computer systems,” our technicians have the skill and expertise to handle most aftermarket tuning systems.
Pro Modified legend Jim Oddy has dominated just about every way possible on the dragstrip. Since his racing debut in the late-1960s, he’s won races, broken records, and earned championships. He’s been a championship driver, crew chief, and team owner. And when Jim wasn’t winning races, chances are his engines were. Jim’s engine shop has supplied powerplants to some of drag racing’s top teams.

Following the 2006 IHRA World Finals in Rockingham, Jim announced he’s stepping away from the sport he dominated. As the primary sponsor of Jim Oddy’s Pro Modified team since 2001, Summit Racing Equipment would like to thank Jim Oddy for a great ride–a ride that lasted 37 years…

1969: Earns NHRA Division 1 Driver of the Year honors
1969: Becomes Division 1 Comp Eliminator points champion driving BB/GS Austin

1972: Wins NHRA Competition Eliminator championships at U.S. Nationals driving Opel BB/GS
1972: Division 1 Competition Eliminator points champion
1975: Leaves competition to start Oddy’s Automotive, specializing in supercharged engines

Oddy Automotives requests all customers be present during the Dyno process of your engine.

Engine and R&D Programs are available, call 716-674-2500 for more information.

1987: Returns to active competition with Top Sportsman Beretta
1989: Fred Hahn begins driving for Jim Oddy in August
1989: Debuts “Black Mariah” blown Corvette at IHRA U.S. Open–qualifies number one
1989: “Black Mariah” sets IHRA Top Sportsman record–6.69 seconds/205.88 mph

1990: Oddy/Hahn take first Pro Modified car into six-second zone–6.97 seconds
1990: Finishes third in IHRA Pro Modified points
1991: Becomes United States Super Circuit World Champion
1991: Team makes best run of 6.63 seconds/209.00 mph
1994: ZR-1 Corvette sets nine track records and wins 11 out of 12 events during season
1994: Team makes best run of 6.51 seconds/219.00 mph
1994: Debuts 1937 Chevy coupe which sets nostalgia Pro Modified record at 6.35 seconds
1994: Earns United States Super Circuit World Championship
1994: Oddy joins NHRA Division 1 Hall of Fame
1995: Earns Super Chevy Pro Modified World Championship
1995: Earns United States Super Circuit World Championship
1996: Wins six consecutive Super Chevy events
1996: Sets Super Chevy Pro Modified record–6.343 seconds/218.07 mph
1996: Earns Super Chevy Pro Modified World Championship
1997: Wins ten consecutive Super Chevy national events
1997: Earns Super Chevy Nitro Coupe World Championship
1999: Finishes second in IHRA Pro Modified points with new 1954 Corvette

2000: Earns IHRA Pro Modified World Championship
2000: Driver Fred Hahn earns Car Craft Magazine Pro Modified Driver of the Year
2001: Finishes fifth in IHRA Pro Modified points with new 2001 Corvette
2001: Sets new IHRA Pro Modified record of 231.20 mph
2001: Sets new NHRA Pro Modified record of 6.170 seconds at U.S. Nationals
2002: Driver Fred Hahn earns Car Craft Magazine Pro Modified Driver of the Year
2003: Sets new NHRA Pro Modified record of 6.139 seconds
2003: Makes best legal Pro Mod pass in history–6.07 seconds
2003: Earns NHRA AMS Staff Leasing Pro Modified Challenge Championship
2004: Gets inducted into East Coast Drag Time Hall of Fame
2004: Long-time driver Fred Hahn retires
2005: Al Billes joins team as driver
2005: New 2005 Dodge Stratus sets IHRA speed record at 23.6.22 mph
2005: Steve Bareman replaces injured Al Billes as driver
2005: Re-sets IHRA speed record at 236.46 mph in supercharged 1953 Pro Mod Corvette
2005: Sets IHRA E.T. record at 6.050 seconds
2006: Sets IHRA speed record at 238.93 mph
2006: Jim Oddy announces retirement from drag racing
2006: Jim Oddy sells Oddy’s Automotive to shop foreman Bill Leverentz.